Creased Sheet of Paper Artwork

Simon Schubert is an artist who lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Born in 1976, he studied Liberal Arts and Sculpture at the Duesseldorf Academy of the Arts under the tutelage of Irmin Kamp. Read more after the break....
In his paper art series, Schubert meticulously folds sheets of paper, creating a very shallow relief or bas-relief. When the lighting is right, the paper comes to life with depth and contrast. Each ‘sculpture’ is made from a single sheet of paper using only creases and folds. No additional colour is added to the works.
Schubert cites his inspiration most often comes from literature, philosophy, film and fine art. He said a defining moment of inspiration came from the work of Joseph Beuys, which opened Schubert’s eyes that art could be, ‘more than just something decorative and influence into life directly’.

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