12 Art Made From Fruits

A painter makes pictures with paint, a sculptor makes statues with clay and a performance artist makes a fool of themselves. But what do you call an artist whose medium is fruit? From the radical to the ridiculous below you will find 12 excellent examples of this flourishing art form.

12. Cartoon Owls
Orange owls make meal times more fun! These citrus cartoon characters can liven up any lunchtime… as long as you’re a child or have the mental capacity of one.
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11. Parrot
Who’s a pretty boy then? For the pirate on-the-go here’s the perfect combination of companion and snack.

10. Bouquet
A floral arrangement perfect for the health conscious individual. This valentine’s day why not treatyour loved one to 1 of their 5-a-day.

9. Koala
An Australian buffet is brightened up by this moreish marsupial. Koala is a delicacy down under. It’s just a shame that this one isn’t of the meat variety.

8. Dog
Man’s best friend, faithfully rendered in man’s favourite fruit. The vegetarian version of a sausage dog, this dog will never get taken to the pound, but may be made into manure.

7. Swimmer
This fruit artist has definitely taken ‘watermelon’ literally. Although a swimmer was the inspiration for this piece, it could have easily of been called alien birthing pool.

6. Samurai
From the land of the rising sun comes the perfect breakfast dish. Although most people prefer their melon’s sweet rather than sharp.

5. Classical Sculpture
To create a masterpiece of this calibre could take, days, weeks maybe even months of hard work, determination and craftsmanship. But after all that time you could sit back relax and watch all that hard work slowly rot away.

4. The Cyclops
In Homer’s Odyssey, the Cyclops Polyphemus eats 6 of Odysseus’ men before the hero devises a plane of escape. In the scenario pictures there are only 5 men. Oh dear.

3. Fruit Revenge
The lowely apple, slowly grows throughout the warm summer from small bud to flourishing fruit. Then it’s life is cruelly cut short as it is plucked by human hand and later devilishly devoured. Most fruit would lay down and except their fate, but not this angry apple.

2. Skull
An apple a day will keep the doctor away. If you don’t follow this advice you may end up looking like this.

1. An Old Man’s Head
Family portraits are dull. Why not liven things up by carving your loved one into fruit? It would make carrying a picture in your wallet somewhat messy though.

It’s a boy…. kind of. People are 80% water. Just like watermelons. Unfortunately this baby will be unlikely to ever be born. Cos it’s fruit.

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