Fragile Works of Art

Paper Lace By Hina Aoyama, The work of the artist looks airy and light, as a weak breeze in the first ray of sun. For the work she does not need anything other than the usual paper and scissors. It's just an incredible example of jewelry and art.
Hina Aoyama (Hina Aoyama) was born in the Japanese city of Yokohama, but now lives and works in Paris. Fragile works of art in the form of delicate butterflies or flowery lace letters affect its accuracy. Read More after the break..........
According to the artist herself, the creation of one job can take several hours to a whole week of hard work. Hina tries to mix different techniques to emphasize your own style in the genre of paper art. And it looks like she has it already is.
Small scissors, paper, talent and hard hard work - these are the main tools Hina Aoyama. The artist and designer from Japan, living in France, and this is where it creates its own extraordinary, delicate, very delicate work. Hina cut from paper drawings, texts and glues them to the fabric, or glass. It would seem that even a child can cope with scissors, but to create such works of art by virtue of an adult is not for everyone. Every detail, every curve is evident, one wrong move and everything you need to redo the work.

The Artist Hina Aoyama

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