Rapunzel's Uncut Hair

12-year-old Natasha Brazilian Moraes de Andrade, who has never cut her hair in her life or went to the hairdresser. The length of the spit to date is 1 meter 57 centimeters. Leaving with the hair cause financial hardship in the family – her family had long been planning to make home repairs, but because of less money. she is going to sell her hair for 5500 dollars. Have a look after the break......

It takes four hours to wash her hair and a bottle of shampoo in a week. And she spends half an hour to comb her hair .

 Natasha has carry hair in her hands while walking.

Natasha often photographed by passersby, people admire her hair and advise never to get a haircut.
“I love my long hair and will miss it, when they will get cut. She planned to sell it for 5500 dollars to make repairs in her apartment. She has identified himself with a haircut “bob” by which she would finally be able to walk on the beach. So far,her hair does not allow this, because the salt will harm her hair.

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