Flexible Old Man

Highly Flexible Old Man

This is the story of a man who has made the impossible and achieved great results in the sport, despite the fact that he started yoga when he was sixty years old. He learned mostly from books and television shows.read more after the break.......

Gao Minyuan is the name of this amazingly flexible Chinese man, who after retiring from working at a steel mill for decades faced retirement with a very sore back and legs. At the tender age of 60 he started following a stretching routine from a popular book and practiced hatha yoga. Now he feels much better and can do the splits like a teenager.

It all started from the time when he read a book called “Cun of stretching adds 10 years of life.” This book has made such an impression on Minyuan that he immediately began to go in for yoga.

He is doing exercises that are described in the book for six to eight hours a day. It is important that Gao is very insistent.

Now Gao Minyuan does not go to the doctors because he feels good. And he is always in a good mood.

He can lift one leg straight up, wrapping it with his arms and from this position he “falls” down into the splits. While doing this he has a big smile on his face.

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