Microminiature Art by Nicolai Aldunin

Russian miniature artist Nikolai Aldunin creates works of art so tiny, a microscope is needed to see them. This microscopic replica of Russian Samovar rests on a needle. Read more about his creation after the break.........

Aldunin poses in the work area of his Moscow apartment. His tools include superglue, syringes and toothpicks. The microscope dates to 1985.

Bicycle. Situated on a sewing needle.

Camel caravan in the ear, the needle.

Gun on a Matchstick. The artist worked for six months to create this gold AK-47. It consists of 34 individual parts.

Portrait of the novelist Leo Tolstoy in the rice grain.

Tiny Tank. This sculpture rests on the open face of a sliced apple seed.

 Ostankino TV tower. Located on the apple grain.

 Flea shod with a saddle and bridle.

The miniature artist Nikolai Aldunin.

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